Getting Started

System Requirements

  • The KoalaSafe app
    • The iOS app requires an iOS device with iOS version 8 or higher
    • The Android app requires an android device with version 4.1 or higher
    • The web app can be used from any modern web browser
  • A router connected to the internet.


KoalaSafe is a wireless access point, not a router. You still need a router to provide essential services on your local network such as providing IP Addresses to connected devices. For more information see the Technical Information Section.

Connecting your KoalaSafe


  1. Plug the Ethernet cable from the WAN port on KoalaSafe to the LAN port on your router.
  2. Plug the large end of the micro-USB cable into the Power Adapter and plug the adapter into an outlet.
  3. Plug the small end of the micro-USB cable into the power port of the KoalaSafe.

You should see a solid green light to indicate the KoalaSafe is powering up. The KoalaSafe takes about 1 minute to completely start.


Your KoalaSafe will check for updates when it is powered on, leave the device on for about 5 minutes to upgrade to the latest version. Also see the explanation of lights

Install the KoalaSafe App

KoalaSafe is controlled by the KoalaSafe app, which is available for download on Google Play or the iOS App Store. You may also use the web app on the KoalaSafe website.


The app is only used by parents and should not be installed on children’s devices.

Phone App

To download the phone app on your Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the Google Play app on your Android smartphone or the App Store app on your iPhone.
  2. Download the KoalaSafe app onto your phone by clicking the appropriate link below
../_images/appstore_ios.png ../_images/appstore_google.jpg

The KoalaSafe app will look similar to the following image.


Web App

The KoalaSafe App can also be accessed from any modern web browser by visiting

Create a KoalaSafe Account

Your KoalaSafe account stores all your settings and allows you to control your KoalaSafe device from anywhere. Only one account (email address and password) can be paired with a KoalaSafe. However, that account can be used by multiple parents on any number of devices.

By doing this you accept the KoalaSafe T&C’s


It is important that your children do not have access to the email address that you use and they can not guess the password you use to login to your account.

If you do not have a user account, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the KoalaSafe app
  2. On the Login screen, tap on the Create Account button.
  3. Enter your email address in the Email field. It is important that you use an email address you check regularly as notifications and support requests need to come from this email address. You can change the email address inside the app
  4. Enter a password in the Password field. This password should not be shared with your children.
  5. Tap on the Create Account button.

Once your account has been created you will be taken to the Welcome Wizard to setup your KoalaSafe.

Welcome Wizard

The Welcome Wizard will guide you through the process of pairing and configuring your KoalaSafe.

Pair your KoalaSafe

Your KoalaSafe account needs to be paired to your KoalaSafe so that the system knows which KoalaSafe your account controls. A KoalaSafe is paired to an account, not a particular smartphone or tablet, so you only have to pair once. When your account is paired you can login from any device, anywhere, and control your KoalaSafe.

  1. Make sure you are connected to either your existing WiFi or the Koala WiFi.
  2. On the Welcome screen, tap on the Continue button.
    1. If you aren’t on the welcome screen, you can start the pairing process by going to Settings => Re-run Welcome wizard
  3. The app will attempt to find your KoalaSafe on your local network.
    1. If your KoalaSafe can not be detected see the pairing troubleshooting section.
  4. Tap on the Continue button.

Setup Time Zone

Once paired the wizard will show you your detected time zone. It’s important this is correct as all of KoalaSafe’s scheduling will be based on this time zone.

If the detected timezone is correct tap Correct to continue the wizard.

If the detected timezone is incorrect tap Incorrect to choose your correct timezone.

If you move locations you can update your timezone from Settings.

Create WiFi Password

It is highly recommend you set a WiFi password to prevent unknown users accessing your local network and to ensure transmissions between the KoalaSafe and your childrens’ devices are encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.

This password should be different to your account password as this is the password you will give to you children and their visiting friends to connect to the KoalaSafe network.

  1. Tap on the Enter Password button.
  2. On the WiFi Password screen, enter a unique password of at least 8 characters and then tap on the Set button.

This password and other advanced WiFi settings can be changed in WiFi Settings

The Welcome wizard is now finished and you should see the Done screen.

Tap on the Finish button to enter the KoalaSafe App.

Connect your children’s devices

Only the devices that are connected to the KoalaSafe (via WiFi or Ethernet) are protected. Devices used solely by parents can remain on the Main Network and remain unrestricted and unmonitored.

Devices connected to the KoalaSafe Unit are still part of the Main Network and have full unrestricted access to the local network such as printers, Chromecasts and file-shares.


Via WiFi

  1. Open the device’s WiFi settings
  2. Tap the Koala Network
  3. If prompted for a password, enter the WiFi password you set the Welcome Wizard.

Via Ethernet Cable

The LAN port on the KoalaSafe allows you to connect a computer or switch (to allow connect multiple computers) to the KoalaSafe. Devices connected via Ethernet cable are treated the same as devices connected via WiFi.

  1. Unplug the Ethernet cable connected to the computer from your router
  2. Plug the Ethernet cable into the port marked LAN on the KoalaSafe


If your children know the current WiFi password you will need to change it to prevent them from rejoining the main WiFi and by-passing the KoalaSafe’s controls. If your router has WPS this should also be disabled. Support can provide assistance with this if needed.