Main Network
The original network that existed before KoalaSafe. This is the network that parents will remain connected to. It should also be noted that all devices connected to the KoalaSafe are still connected to the same local network as devices on the Main Network.
Any computing device that can be connected to the internet. Such as (but not limited to) an iPad, iPhone, Smart Tv, gaming console (XBox, Playstation), Chromebook
KoalaSafe Unit
The KoalaSafe Wireless Access Point.
KoalaSafe App
The interface used to control the KoalaSafe Unit. See more at Installing the App
KoalaSafe account
An email address and password that joins the KoalaSafe App to the KoalaSafe Unit. A KoalaSafe account can be used on any number of devices to control the paired KoalaSafe Unit
This is the process that links a KoalaSafe Unit to a KoalaSafe account allowing it to be controlled via the KoalaSafe app. Only one account can be paired with a unit.