Change password

Changes the password used to login to the KoalaSafe App.

Change email

Changes the email address used to login to the KoalaSafe App.


Log’s out of the KoalaSafe App on the current device.


Set Timezone

Changes the timezone of the KoalaSafe. This must be correct or else the schedule will appear to not be working.

WiFi Settings



This is the display name of the WiFi network you see when you are choosing which network to join on a device.


This is the frequency channel your KoalaSafe is operating on. By default the KoalaSafe attempts to pick the least congested channel on boot. You can lock the KoalaSafe to a specific channel if needed.


It is recommended to set a WiFi password so that only known users have access to your local network. This password will be given to your children and their guests to access the KoalaSafe WiFi.

This password should be different to your KoalaSafe App password and different to your Main Network password.


If a password is set Encryption is used to protect data as it passes between the devices and the KoalaSafe. This should be left on the default unless you need to connect very old devices to the KoalaSafe that do not support modern encryption standards.

Disable Security

You remove the need for devices to enter a WiFi password when they first connect by tapping “Disable Security”. This is not recommended as it exposes your local network to unknown user access.

New features

When KoalaSafe releases new features often they are opt-in until they are more stable. You can enable/disable new features here if any are present.


Restart KoalaSafe

This will restart the KoalaSafe. The restart will take about 60 seconds.

Shutdown KoalaSafe

This will turn off the KoalaSafe. A power light will remain lit. To turn on the KoalaSafe again you must unplug the power and plug it back in.


In-App Help

This controls whether you see In-App pop-up help when you first view a page. If you install the app on a new device and have already seen the help, you can disable it here.

Re-run Welcome Wizard

This should be done if you change routers or ISP’s.