If you are not able to rectify your problem using the steps below please contact support.


The KoalaSafe App attempts to discover the KoalaSafe on your network by using multicast-DNS, this can fail if you are setting up the KoalaSafe with an older device or if you are not connected to the same network as the KoalaSafe.

If the pairing requests fail:

  1. Check to see if the lights on KoalaSafe are on and not flashing in a defined pattern.
  2. Try connecting to the KoalaSafe WiFi and attempt to pair again.
  3. If you are using a smartphone disable your Cellular internet access.

Already paired

If the wizard tells you the device is already paired to another account:

  • If this is a second-hand device, contact Support with the MAC address printed on the bottom of the KoalaSafe Unit. We will confirm the transfer with the current account holder.
  • You have created multiple accounts. You need to login with the account that is paired with your KoalaSafe Unit.

No Lights

If there are no lights at all on the KoalaSafe:

  1. Unplug the KoalaSafe from the wall, plug the KoalaSafe back in and check all cables are secure
  2. Try using a different power adapter and cable such as from a phone charger

KoalaSafe Offline Message

The KoalaSafe maintains a permanent connection to the cloud in order to receive settings update from the KoalaSafe App. When this connection is broken, no changes made in the KoalaSafe App will propagate to the KoalaSafe until this issue is rectified.

If you see the KoalaSafe Offline message in the app, or the Offline Light Pattern (see explanation of lights):

  1. Check that the KoalaSafe lights are on
    1. If not see No Lights
  2. Check your main internet connection.
  3. Check all cables are secure and have not been unplugged
  4. Wait 60 seconds, if your main internet connection dropped briefly it can take up to 60 seconds to reconnect
  5. Try restarting the KoalaSafe by pressing the reset button and waiting 60 seconds


If KoalaSafe Unit has not connected to the Cloud your router may have a firewall blocking it. See Technical Information for the ports that are required to be open for the KoalaSafe Unit to function.

Identifying a device

A number of issues with the KoalaSafe can stem from an incorrectly identified or labelled device, or a device that is in a different profile to that which is expected.

To identify a device:

  1. Make sure the device is connected to the KoalaSafe WiFi
  2. Visit
  3. The device name and profile name will be displayed at the bottom

If the above does not work:

  1. Find the device’s network hardware address also know as a MAC address
    • This is usually under the Network Settings or About menu item on the device
  2. Match the device’s MAC address to a device in the KoalaSafe devices list.

No Internet Access

If a device has connected successfully to the KoalaSafe WiFi but can not access the internet:

  1. Ensure the KoalaSafe is online.
  2. Visit
    1. If the KoalaSafe is stopping access a KoalaSafe page will appear and explain why the internet is off
    2. If the internet is on for this device it may be that the app or site you are attempting to access is blocked
  3. Restart the device to ensure all caches are flushed
  4. Make sure no other filtering software is installed on the device or that you haven’t add a filtering rule on your router for this device

Unauthorized Internet Access

If you believe your child is using the internet outside of the allowed time:

  1. Ensure that the device is connected to the KoalaSafe
    1. They may have found an alternate internet connection
  2. Ensure the app or site they are on requires internet access to function
    1. A YouTube video will buffer the video and they will be able to watch to the end of the buffered content
    2. Some games do not require internet access to play them
  3. Follow the instructions for Identifying a device to ensure the device is correctly labelled and in the appropriate profile

App or Website Not Working

If the internet is generally working for a device connected to the KoalaSafe, but a particular site or app does not work:

  1. Set the Filter Mode to Low.
    1. If this fixes the problem, most likely this app requires Low Filter Mode to operate.
  2. View the recent blocked history for that profile and allow any domains that look associated with the app or site

Device won’t connect to WiFi

If a device is having trouble connecting to the KoalaSafe and you have verified that the KoalaSafe is on try the following:

  1. Make sure the WiFi password you are entering is correct
    1. Temporarily change the WiFi password to 12345678 to ensure the password is not being entered incorrectly
  2. Some devices may initially disconnect if there is no internet access detected. When attempting to connect the device temporarily set the Everyone else profile to Parent Mode
  3. Make sure the device is in close proximity to the KoalaSafe to ensure it is not an issue of WiFi range

Factory Reset

Factory resets are performed by holding down reset for a specific amount of time. They should only be performed if you are directed to do so by support. They are only useful in situations where an update has not installed correctly. A factory reset will not unpair your unit or reset your app password.

If you do Factory reset you device you must wait until the Factory reset notification appears in the app before restarting or powering of the KoalaSafe (about 5 minutes).

After a factory reset your WiFi settings will be lost and will need to be re-entered via the App.

WiFi Strength

If you find the KoalaSafe WiFi signal is not as strong as you would like, try the following:

  1. Move the KoalaSafe as far away from the router as the cable will allow
  2. KoalaSafe attempts to find the least congested WiFi Channel when it starts up. You can manually override the channel to get better strength. The recommended channels are 1,7 or 11

In some cases you may need to buy a WiFi extender to increase the coverage of your home. We maintain a list of extenders that users have found work well with KoalaSafe at

The only requirement is that the extender does not NAT traffic.

Forgotten password


If you forget the password used to login to the app you can reset it.

  1. Open the App (you should be on the login screen)
  2. Tap the Forgot password link
  3. Enter your account email (if not pre-populated)
  4. Tap Send Code
  5. The screen will reload to the one show (right)
  6. Enter the reset code that was emailed to your account email address and a new password.